Poetry Friday: #10FoundWords


I am hosting Poetry Friday at Check It Out.  As part of Laura Shovan’s Fifth Annual February Poetry Challenge, I am providing #10 words from a recent news article.  I have been following the Department of Education and the new leader, Betsy DeVos.  I am not happy that she was selected.  I used The Hill as my resource for the ten words.  The ten words:

  • advocate
  • equity
  • issues
  • believe
  • proponent
  • vouchers
  • consequences
  • access
  • underserved
  • public education

Bonus word: students of color

My poem is based on the “What If” mentor text from Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell’s newest book, HERE WE GO.  To enter into a drawing for your own copy, visit Poetry Friday at Check It Out.

Advocating for Public Education

What if
the issues of equity
disappeared like the fog?

What if
the proponents of vouchers
understood the underserved?

What if
students of color
had access instead consequences?

What if
everyone believed
in advocating for public education?

©Jone Rush MacCulloch


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3 Responses to Poetry Friday: #10FoundWords

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  2. Thoughtful, Jone, to try that form with these weighty words. You pulled off poetry as well as the expression of serious concerns. Thanks for sharing (& gorgeous heron picture!).

  3. margaretsmn says:

    This a great form to use with these words. I have written my poem but not happy with it. May need to try again. Thanks for sharing Here We Go!

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