SOL17: Day 21 #10FoundWords


Each Tuesday, Two Writing Teachers provide space to share our slices of life.  Thank you.

Each February, Laura Shovan presents a daily poetry challenge.  This year is ten found words from a variety of news articles.  Today the words come from Thich Nhat Hanh’sarticle, “Zen and the Art of Activism.


Here’s my poem, based on the “What If” poem from HERE WE GO by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell. (I’m sort of into them right now, wrote first one on Friday).

What if
mindfulness birthed activism
instead of monkey mind chatter?

What if
we engaged in love and compassion
instead of hurtful, hateful barbs?

What if
resistance re-awakened understanding
instead of non-active complacency?

Will the fog of despair will lift?

© 2017, Jone Rush MacCulloch



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9 Responses to SOL17: Day 21 #10FoundWords

  1. LSquared says:

    What an interesting prompt. I love the line about activism growing not from monkey mind, but from mindfulness.

  2. MAK says:

    I love how your ten words grew into a beautiful what if. What if we all took time to really sit on 10 words to hear what they had to say to each of us.

  3. says:

    Very inspiring! And the photo of the trees in the ice was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts 🙂

  4. carwilc says:

    These are big what if’s. Such a hard, hard time, and I think lots of us are grasping at straws, doing whatever we can to bring some sanity into our worlds. I admire the way all of you have come together to write. I intended to try it, and signed up, and never pulled it off. Just too much right now.

    • macrush53 says:

      Oh Carol, this is only the 2nd poem I’ve written since signing up as well. So much going on and it’s difficult to write these politics poems. I am in the midst of revising my manuscript and I need to focus there as much as possible.

  5. It is hopeful to see people being awakened to be involved in our civil lives.

  6. macrush53 says:

    Thank you.

  7. I love found words! Some of my most favorite writing has been from them. I like your poem!

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