SOLSC17: 1/31,Encouraging Voices


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See this group of girls? They are fifth grade self-managers. Since kindergarten, they have looked forward to fifth grade when they could become self-managers. Which happened this year along the  with announcement that all students, kindergarten through fifth grade could become self-managers.

These girls feel a bit robbed of the self-manager privilege. They decided to do something.  Last week, they came to me and asked for library passes to plan for a meeting with the principal.

The conversation I overheard was priceless. They spoke about the “unfairness” of it and when I gently reminded them that whole school self-managers was not going away, they acknowledged it wasn’t. Because after all, the principal had told the school there would be self-managers school wide. They just wanted to say the problems first and then go to solutions; how could the fifth grade have special privileges that other grades wouldn’t get?

At the end of recess the girls asked for passes to meet this week on Tuesday and Thursday.  And did I have a file folder for their notes and could I hold it for them?

Today they arrived for their second planning meeting.  Several of the girls went to the office to make an appointment with the principal.  When they returned, the meeting began.  This is what I heard, “Who wants to start the meeting off with the principal?”

I just love that these girls feel they have a voice.  I love that they are thinking this through and are so organized. And how great is it that they have an appointment with the principal for next Tuesday.  I know that she will listen to them. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the meeting.

Love how these girls feel empowered to plan and problem solve.  I want to see them as adults because they preparing to take one the world.






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6 Responses to SOLSC17: 1/31,Encouraging Voices

  1. lindabaie says:

    Good for them. When my school was in the heart of the city, our advanced school students got to earn the privilege to go off campus at lunch. There were strict rules, but they could easily manage nearby fast food restaurants, & they had to be on time or lose the privilege, & be on time with work, etc. When we moved to a larger campus, but away from the city perks, there was no place to go, so the ‘perk’ was lost. Finally they were allowed to eat on the grounds without supervision, etc. I see that your girls think this privilege they thought was going to happen was somehow diluted. Best wishes for finding a solution.

  2. terierrol says:

    Girl Power! I love it! Let’s hope their voices never get silenced.

  3. It’s so nice to see a school trying to promote such independence!

  4. Liz McKenna says:

    It’s always wonderful to see students beginning to come into their own! What a real moment your students had–haven’t we all felt that something is “unfair”? Thank you for sharing!

  5. dbradvica says:

    What a confident and proactive group of girls! Thank you for noticing that and sharing it with us. I so wish I had a tenth of that umption at their age!

  6. says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing

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