SOLSC17: 5/31,What Do Sundays Look Like?


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every Tuesday.

What does your Sunday look like?  Growing up, mine was a family day.  We started with church, maybe a car drive, and always a roast for dinner. Some Sundays meant going out to Adelanto, Ca (the high desert) to visit with my great aunts and uncle.  They always had a large supper for us.   Those trips also meant riding in a car with blue air as my parents smoked like chimneys.

I’ve always held Sunday as a time for reflection and family time.  There have been years where church wasn’t my thing.  Over the last decade, I finally found the church that speaks to me, that welcomes all (one of the things Oldest Grandgirl noticed when wanted to go with us).

Now most Sundays start with waking up and putting water on for tea.  I love watching Sunday Morning on CBS and watching morning  arrive out my window.

I always visit Jules at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.  She features great articles about illustrators, feature up and coming illustrators as well as provided community to share seven kicks of the week.  It’s been happening for years and it’s such a good place for weekly reflection.

Most Sundays, I attend church.  Now Oldest Grandgirl attends as well.  It’s a great place to center oneself for the week. There are those times when to be able to get up and write is important.  I am a morning person and find that if I am working on something, morning time is better.  There are times when the weather deems that church would be better suited outdoors at the wildlife refuge with camera in hand.

The rest of the day is committed to writing or reading and naps.  Naps are important.  My time on Sundays, especially during the school year, need to be a quiet, contemplative time.  It’s part of my self care.

So what about your Sundays?

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3 Responses to SOLSC17: 5/31,What Do Sundays Look Like?

  1. I, too, start with the kettle on for a pot of tea! My friend said yesterday that Sundays are sacred. This comment had nothing to do with church but everything to do with keeping that one day safe for family and friend time, for reflecting and recharging, for reading and relaxing. Besides the time I sometimes spend making sure I’m ready for the week, I love to relax on Sunday. Lovely post!

    • macrush53 says:

      Yes, preserving the day for family, friend, and down time is sacred! Only today, I had to deal with a new modem from Infinity and that was not fun!

  2. ah yes – sundays. i wish i could nap! sundays are just days to lounge. until the summer comes, then its time for bike riding!

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