SOLSC17: 7/31, Car Accident

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every day in March.

This morning, the plan to write and share a poem interrupted by a rear ending.

Waiting to turn into school, blinker on, I get slammed into.

Managed the morning and got a sub, now at Urgent Care. Soft tissue issues.

Big school event tonight. Hope I can attend our Cat in the Hat but I really want to go home to bed.

Happy Tuesday.


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10 Responses to SOLSC17: 7/31, Car Accident

  1. Oh no!!!! I am so sorry to hear about the accident! I hope you feel better soon. It’s funny…writing back and forth daily…you have become part of my life…and we never even met…I hope to hear that you are better tomorrow when I read your next post.
    Take special care–

    • macrush53 says:

      Thank you. I love this connection with other writers. I am hoping tomorrow with it be not so sore. Going to the accupuncturist.

  2. Take good care of yourself. Hope you will be feeling better after getting the rest you need (however long you need it).

  3. Oh my! Hope you are well. Take care of yourself and rest for sure!

  4. Krista D says:

    Oh, I wish for fast healing! Not a great way to start the day…

  5. Oh poor thing. I hope you call in sick tomorrow. These things take a toll on us — emotionally and physically — even though we might not feel it right away. Be well.

  6. Joanne Toft says:

    Oh take care! Move slow – I am sorry you were hit! Sending healing energy!

  7. elsie says:

    Yikes! Go home and rest! What a way to start a day. So sorry. 😦

  8. failingreatly says:

    So sorry! What a terrible way to start the day. Hopefully you can take some time for yourself.

  9. Donna Smith says:

    Oh, no! I hope you heal quickly, Jone! The Cat can fend for itself. YOU need to be whole!

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