SOLSC17: 19/31, Currently


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every day in March.  I saw this on a couple of blogs and I really like the format.


Reading: BORN TO RUN by Bruce Springsteen, THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES by Peter Wolleben

Drinking: Water  And ice tea with three lemon slices

Planning: Upcoming posts for this week, lessons, and what the week looks like for me.

Thinking: About how difficult Domain Three on Instruction is for Teacher Librarians.  It’s my focused evaluation for the year.

Feeling: Lots of feels:  tight in my my neck and shoulders (accident on 3/7/2017), excited for my Poetry Rocks Group, happy and anticipation of Spring Break in two weeks.

Listening to: Pandora, “Waking the Muse” station.

Loving: today’s sunshine and finding time to nap.

Looking forward to: Reading Group tonight, discussing MY GRANDMOTHER ASKED ME TO TELL YOU SHE’S SORRY by Fredrik Backman, perhaps on to the best books in awhile.

Happy Sunday friends and fellow Slicers! Have a terrific week

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16 Responses to SOLSC17: 19/31, Currently

  1. Ramona says:

    I celebrated glorious sunshine and a nap today too! Unfortunately, the 9 day forecast shows only 2 days with the sun possibly peeking out. All the more reason to celebrate today’s sunshine. Only a fellow Northwest slicer truly understands the bliss that a day of sunshine can bring (especially this year).

  2. Books, tea, sunshine, music, time to nap- sounds like s good day.

  3. lindabaie says:

    I’m not sure if I knew you had an accident, but sorry that the result is still bothering. I do enjoy hearing from everyone in this format. My book group read “My Grandmother. . .” a while ago. Some didn’t enjoy it much, but I did, thought there was a magical metaphor going on that perhaps others didn’t understand. Thanks, Jone.

  4. I always like reading this type of slice because it gives a lot of information about a person in such a short format. I really want to read the Hidden Life of Trees, and I am going to check out My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman. What makes Domain 3 so difficult for you (Are you referring to Danielson’s Framework for Teaching?)?

  5. vendija723 says:

    Really nice. I did a much more free-form “Currently” slice yesterday, and now I’m tempted to revisit with the topics you focused on.

  6. schmidtkristas says:

    I love the currently slices…they provide a glimpse into the lives of our fellow slicers!

  7. arjeha says:

    This is a fun format to use because it gives so much information in a concise style.

  8. room311news says:

    I love this format! I have seen it in bullet journal posts. I must check out MY GRANDMOTHER ASKED ME TO TELL YOU SHE’S SORRY by Fredrik Backman!

  9. Like many others, I enjoy this “currently” style of slicing! I too am enjoying the sunshine today, though the nap is probably not going to happen as I’ve been working on getting things picked up for my spring break next week! 🙂

    Happy slicing!

  10. Sonja Schulz says:

    Really enjoyed reading your “currently” post. It is always cool to learn new things about fellow slicers

  11. aileenhower says:

    This is a perfect post – something I might have to borrow on a “stuck” day. Learned so much about you and how (here) we are the same:” Drinking: Water And ice tea with three lemon slices.”

  12. JudyK says:

    I haven’t tried this format yet, but I probably will….You learn such interesting things about people. :-). JudyK

  13. onathought says:

    I love the “Currently” slices… It’s such a great way to reflect on the NOW! 🙂

  14. wahooteacher says:

    This is one of my favorite formats for slices! I’ve also enjoyed today’s sunshine and opportunities for napping:)

  15. franmcveigh says:

    I love this format so thanks for sharing what you are currently doing! Have a great week!

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