SOLSC17: 21/31, Domain 3: Instruction


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing ou writing every day in March.

On Sunday,  I mentioned that I was thinking about the difficulty of Domain 3 for my Focused Evaluation.  In Washington, we use an adapted model of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching for the Teacher Librarians.

Some areas are communicating clearly, using questioning techniques, assessment, engaging students, and being flexible.  I know I do those things so why so I stress?  It’s finding the evidence and showing what I teach.  Maybe it’s because it forces me to slow down what I do with students to analyze more clearly.  How do you show when the light bulb goes on for students or you have to modify because what you are saying isn’t connecting with them.

And then the weather disruptions this year made teaching consistently a challenge.  My classes on Fridays missed four days.  Throw in Friday holidays from November on increase the feeling I was teaching the swiss cheese approach.

I was very nervous to meet with my principal on Friday.  Did I have everything that I needed?  What questions would she have?  And yet, as I talked and she took notes, I  found myself speaking rapidly while showing her what I am doing with students. It was a good meeting.

Maybe it’s good to be nervous about evaluations.  Maybe it means that I am still working on my craft. Meanwhile,  I will be gathering my evidence.




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2 Responses to SOLSC17: 21/31, Domain 3: Instruction

  1. Tara Smith says:

    I feel that I am working on my craft still, all these years of teaching later. I suspect that it’s this that keeps us interested in our work, right?

  2. lindabaie says:

    I suspect that everyone is nervous, and it is a good thing, maybe wakes up your brain? Good for you for wanting it to go well, Jone, and that it’s behind you now! Have a wonderful day!

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