SOLSC17: 23/31, Ten Things Thursdays


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every day in March.

  1. Last weekend, I attended a retirement seminar hosted by the Washington Education Association.
  2. I discovered that if I am lucky I might have a couple of days to put into a health savings account when I retire.  ( I have not been a someone with a massive amount of unused sick days. Four every 4 days, one day can be put toward the HSA and it’s tax-free.)
  3. It was suggested to track your spending for three months. Then create a budget based on what you’ll get in retirement and try living on that for three months BEFORE you retire; a practice run.
  4. There was a worksheet to plan out how you might spend your time once you retire.
  5.  Learning to say “No” is a good thing in retirement.
  6. I was surprised to hear that some people pull their money out for purchasing an RV home in retirement.
  7. I found the information useful but wondered how some people take the seminar more than once.  It seems like straightforward information.
  8. I was glad that it was raining all day Saturday so I didn’t feel bad being indoors.
  9. Thinking about Medicare and insurance for post-retirement makes my head spin.
  10. Even though June 2018 seems far away, I know that my senior year of teaching will fly by quick.
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