NaPoWriMo 04/13/2017: Yellow Collared Scape Moth

2017 NaPoWriMo1

This month, I am collaborating with nonfiction author and photographer, Christy Peterson.  You are invited to write and submit a poem based on the photo in the comments.

yellow collared scape moth

scape moth
in the flowering meadow
fern-like antennae
translucent wings, a gold collar
looks deceive; a bitter meal

© 2017, jone rush macculloch
photo by Christy Peterson

Yellow collaredscape moth


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1 Response to NaPoWriMo 04/13/2017: Yellow Collared Scape Moth

  1. Wonderful moth! And great poem/facts. More than one moth either tastes bad or is poisonous. Night creatures seem well-equipped with revenge.

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