Poetry Friday: NaPoWriMo 04/21/2017: Wooly Caterpillar

Poetry Friday is held over at  The Opposite of Indifference.  Thanks, Tabatha.


2017 NaPoWriMo1

This month, I am collaborating with nonfiction author and photographer, Christy Peterson.  You are invited to write and submit a poem based on the photo in the comments.

macro wooly 1

by its thirteen bands
This fuzzy worm inches along

© 2017, jone rush macculloch
photo by Christy Peterson

Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac, The Infinite Spider

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8 Responses to Poetry Friday: NaPoWriMo 04/21/2017: Wooly Caterpillar

  1. I adore the poetry prompts you have been offering this month. As of right now, I’m stumped for a poem. But, it will come…..out of its cocoon when it’s ready. Thanks for such a great month of poems and poem seeds.

  2. maryleehahn says:

    AKA Wooly Bears in Ohio! We haven’t seen many in recent falls…

  3. We search for caterpillars in the fall. Now if they could just get together and agree on their forecasts!

  4. What a strange and talented little fellow!

  5. Lovely do on that little critter. Very informative!

  6. Tabatha says:

    How interesting that woolly caterpillars are weather predictors! Something kids would like to know for sure. I wonder how many other animals could show us things about the weather, if only we could read the signs?

  7. Very cool! Tiny poem but packed with information there, Jone!

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