SOL17: Withdrawal


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for providing a space and community for writing each week.

Withdrawal. I wonder if some felt this in April after a whole month of daily slices.  I moved from daily slices to writing poems six days a week.

And now with National Poetry Month finished.  I am at a loss.  I had a project and it’s finished.

I am sad.  I am wondering what is keeping me from marching on in writing daily poems. And I could be using the unscheduled time to work on my novel.  I feel I need to sit with it for a few days.

I discovered in April that I really enjoy researching a topic before writing the poem.  It’s why I loved the critter poems and my “Double LL” project of 2015.

Sometimes you just have to let things simmer.

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10 Responses to SOL17: Withdrawal

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  2. Anna Maria says:

    I definitely went through a withdrawal after slicing all of March. I’m hoping to get back on course and write a little more this month. I’ll check out some of your poetry because I love reading original poetry.

  3. Gracias, Jone. The poem I received reminded me of Puerto Rico.

  4. Lorie Barber says:

    Funny that you mention feeling sad. I went from daily #SOL slicing in March to weekly, and I felt like I had to turn off down my faucet. I had been in the (wonderful) habit of being more present and noticing more. I don’t want those newfound skills to atrophy.

  5. mlstoneblog says:

    I just started “slicing” today. Thank you for sharing how this routine has impacted you. I look forward to being a part of this community.

  6. It’s true. There was something special about daily slicing and poetry writing for one month. Enjoy the luxurious time to let things simmer, and keep slicing and posting poetry weekly. 🙂

  7. Janet F. says:

    Do you participate in David Harrison’s word of the month poem prompt- single word.
    Also Laura Purdie Salas’s 15 WOL poems on Thursdays. Then there is re-creating Amy LV’s Write the Rainbow at The Poem Farm. That could work for you with research. Let the color send you to an animal or plant or place, then research, write and share! Or follow Amy’s lead. I love what she did !!
    Janet F.

  8. legerboc says:

    Oh yes, I felt this withdrawal too! I found myself wondering what to do with myself at night when I was used to pulling out my laptop and getting ready to write the next day’s slice. It felt odd. Just like you, I felt sad and a little lost as well. I am grateful for these Tuesday slices. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Andrea Clark says:

    I will admit that I don’t like the weekly slicing as much as the daily slicing, weirdly enough. It is nice to have the weekly habit, but I preferred the daily habit of reading other people’s words and getting feedback on mine. It kept me more engaged and enthusiastic about writing on a regular basis.

  10. Alice Nine says:

    Yes… there was withdrawal at the end of March. I’ve perused your poems for April… very lovely, fascinating. You have wonderful photographs too. Have a relaxing week. 🙂

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