Poetry Friday: What Does Silver Star Know?


Thanks to Tara at A Teaching Life for hosting Poetry Friday.

This Saturday our school is having a benefit. We have staff who have bands and who sing.  The organizer asked me to share a poem to start things.  I didn’t need to write a poem but it came to me.  20170504_151138

Our school is fortunate to have a Family and Community Resource which is overseen by an amazing person.  Her connections with students and families are outstanding. The challenges some families are facing, heartbreaking.

What Does Silver Star Know?

What Does Silver Star Know?
It sees exuberant students arriving at school each morning
It hears the family stories: the strengths, the challenges, and the hopes
It feels the hearts of staff as they advocate for all students

What Does Silver Star Know?
It sees the FCRC assisting families with clothing, food, and basic needs
It hears the laughter, the tears, and the silent voices of our community
It knows that well-funded education is the key

© jone rush macculloch, 2017

Family and Community Resource Room Support  Data,  September 2016-April 2017:

  • We have 64 families that receive a weekly bag of food from the Share backpack program.
  • Families have accessed the food pantry shelves in the resource center 380 times.
  • clothing has been given for family members 387 times.
  • 185 pair of shoes has been given to children.
  • Toiletry and hygiene items have been given out 291 times.
  • Infant and toddler items such as diapers and formula have been given to families 135 times.
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13 Responses to Poetry Friday: What Does Silver Star Know?

  1. cvarsalona says:

    What a great community you have, Jone. I can see why a song of praise flew from inside you.

  2. Perfect words for the occasion, Jone! “well-funded education is the key” – if only the powers that be would believe that. Sigh. =)

  3. Laura Shovan says:

    This is a wonderful tribute to your school, Jone. And more evidence that schools are an important part of the community, supporting so much more than learning.

  4. You are an inspiration. My school needs to do this! Really hoping you are able not only have a great Benefit…..but to enjoy every moment of the community it brings. Love this and your work so much!

  5. Seeing that list of practical helps is moving and inspiring. I hope the fundraiser went really well!

  6. Kortney Garrison says:

    Oh, those 185 pairs of shoes!

  7. Perfect! A wonderful tribute to such a vibrant and caring school. 🙂

  8. maryleehahn says:

    Hooray for Public Education!! How sad that we have to hold fundraisers to keep our good work happening. Nevertheless…Good Luck!!

  9. Beautiful, and touching tribute to all involved in your school. All the best with the benefit!

  10. Your school is amazing–probably because it is filled with amazing teachers like you and your colleagues. Good luck with the benefit

  11. That is very moving. I hope your benefit is very successful.

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