SOL17: Tetris: School Version AKA Scheduling


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for our writing community each week.

Start with

  • PE teaching 42 sections of PE
  • PE taught in what is also used 11:30-1:15 for lunch
  • Music teaching 42 sections of Music
  • Band/orchestra set on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning of the day
  • A new once a week program for fourth graders; Each One, Lead One
  • Thirty minutes for Reading intervention with class switching
  • Thirty minutes for Math intervention (NEW)
  • Library teaching 23 sections (of which two classes are not officially on the books)
  • Library wanting a forty minute block for grades 3rd-5th grades
  • Staff wanting blocks of instructional time and not a choppy schedule
  • Learning support finding blocks of time to work with students
  • Title I and Lap needing time for students
  • ELL (English Language Learners) needing time
  • Two sets of teachers trying to team teach
  • Ten + people working on the schedule

This is my week. Puzzle solving. So many ideas. So many ways to approach the schedule.

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4 Responses to SOL17: Tetris: School Version AKA Scheduling

  1. MAK says:

    A puzzle indeed. We need more than a teaching or admin degree for this kind of flexible thinking!

  2. marilynyung says:

    Yes, this goes to show that making education “work” means learning 1) to juggle strategically and 2) to please the multitudes simultaneously. The fact that you have listed it all out tells me that you’ve got this!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alice Nine says:

    Oh, oh, makes my head spin! Here’s to finding the best schedule, Jone!

  4. lindabaie says:

    Ugh, complex & challenging & messy. We would always find ways in the end to collaborate & compromise, but it isn’t easy. Best wishes, Jone!

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