SOL17: End of School



Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for us each week to share our slice of life.

year forty-three ends
library books stand silent
we celebrate now
summer can begin today
and time shifts to a slow pace

© 2017, jone rush macculloch

I’d like to say the year flew by but it didn’t.  Snow days added time in June and lengthened out the school day.  Here we are though, last day of school.  Today we honor the fifth graders as they venture off to middle school.  Kindergarteners feel more confident than one hundred eighty days ago.   We’ll surprise the students with a flash mob and under the smiley face, I know there will be tears.

I missed the last day of school last year.  I didn’t realize what an important ritual it was until I was elsewhere.  So glad to be with a happy face today.


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3 Responses to SOL17: End of School

  1. Ramona says:

    i love the honesty in this slice. Glad your year has finally drawn to a close. We celebrate now! I’ve enjoyed watching the kids in our area as our summer officially began last Friday. Here’s to a restful and relaxing summer.

  2. Sonja Schulz says:

    love the smiley face! Cheers to it *finally* being summer!

  3. Terje says:

    Smiley face and flash mob – that’s a way to finish. I hope your summer will give you many reasons to have a happy face.

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