SOL17: Glad to Be Home


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time with family
miles to go
each town blends into the next
childhood memories arise

© jone rush macculloch, 2017

This year’s road trip was all about family and friends.  We began with a weekend at our youngest daughter’s house is Southern Oregon.  Spending time outdoors at a couple of lakes with grandgirls was the highlight. There is something about sitting outdoors in the shade that I love.  It helps me unwind.

We headed to Southern California to spend time with my brother and his grown children.  Again, our travels led to the ocean for a day with my niece whom I haven’t seen in almost two years.  I could have spent days at the beach.

We worked in dinners and coffees with friends along with an evening with a cousin.

Every time we do a road trip, I am reminded how much I love being home.  There comes a point in the along the way that I am done.  I am tired of eating out, tired of not having my little routines, and really tired of talking.  I need time to recharge and eat my own food.

I wonder sometimes if having a small camper would help in extending my time away.  My niece’s mother has a tent camper which she had parked at an ocean beach park for three days.  I thought to myself, I could do this.  Maybe one year, we’ll give it a try.

But for now, it’s just really good to be home.


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3 Responses to SOL17: Glad to Be Home

  1. Ramona says:

    Sounds like a wonderful road trip. Love these sentences from your post: “There is something about sitting outdoors in the shade that I love. It helps me unwind.” And now you can relish the joy of being home again while savoring the happy memories you made.

  2. I was gone for a handful of days, and just got home, so I am feeling this glad to be home stuff. I love that idea about trying out a camper. I might do it someday too.

  3. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, I have enjoyed reading your vacation tales with family members.For some reasons, I thought you were with grandboys but it is really grandgirls. This week I am with my granddaughter and having a delicious time. She will be 1 month old on Thursday. Enjoy your time alone and have fun getting back into your routine.

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