SOL17: Boxes


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the boxes
in the garage still
for two years
packed memories and treasures
they can wait another day

©jone rush maculloch, 2017

Two years ago, we moved into our condo.  Last fall, I condensed boxes and created space so the car could be parked inside.  We still have boxes and sorting to be done.

It’s one of those tasks that need to be done but honestly, I would rather play in summer (and I’ve been playing).  I thought about it this week in-between our trip to California and our beach trip ( where I am writing this piece).  I know that it will be there and I will eventually get to it.


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5 Responses to SOL17: Boxes

  1. Lisa Corbett says:

    Once things are boxed up I have a hard time going through them! Last summer I was moving into a new classroom and I went through 3 boxes that hadn’t been opened since 3 moves ago! Enjoy your summer. Save it for winter!

  2. maryannreilly says:

    Boxes help us to recall the fun we had instead of the work that can wait. I imagine they will keep for a day when the task will feel more necessary.

  3. Us too! Ugh maybe longer

  4. It seems like if it has waited this long maybe you can just ditch it all! It definitely can wait while you play!

  5. I still have twelve boxes of items I brought home from school on the day I retired three years ago! It’s a long story…but someday I’ll get to them…I guess.

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