Poetry Friday: Two Poets Who Love the Ocean


Thanks to Kat at Kathryn Apel who’s hosting Poetry Friday from Down Under.

Earlier in the summer, Linda sent this to me for the Poetry Swap.  When I first looked at it I thought the photo looked familiar.  And it was.  Linda borrowed one of my photos from my trip to California.  I love that we both feel strongly about the benefits of being by the sea.  I love the watercolor feel of this piece and the invitation to spent a day at the sea.Linda.jpg

The text:

Sea Song

Would you, could you
come with me?
We’ll watch and wander
by the sea.

We’ll hold the shells
washed up on sand.
We’ll jump the waves
I’ll hold your hand.

We’ll follow birds
with our own dance
laughing at
their zig-zag prance.

We’ll close our eyes
and feel the beat
of waves and waves
upon our feet.

And when the sun
dips its adieu,
I’ll travel home
with you, with you.

© Linda Baie

My response(a found fib):

the warm sand
hold shells washed on shore
follow birds with a zig-zag dance
laughing as waves surround our feet
early evening
the sun bids

©jone rush macculloch


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7 Responses to Poetry Friday: Two Poets Who Love the Ocean

  1. Beautiful rhythm in both of your poems, I like the shared words in both, and the fun fib shape of your poem too, thanks for sharing all Jone.

  2. Wonderful, Jone, both yours and Linda’s. I love the ocean also, but my hubby loves mountain climbing.

  3. Two lovely responses to the sea. I miss living close enough to visit the beach, but I find similar joy when walking or kayaking down a wooded river.

  4. maryleehahn says:

    Way cool that your response poem was found in hers! You are definitely two poets who love the ocean!

  5. Gorgeous in every way, both of them. I love the “companionness” of the two poems, the two perspectives, the two people!

  6. lindabaie says:

    Pulling out the words to create a fib is a lovely response, Jone. I’m so glad you liked the poem. Thank you!

  7. katswhiskers says:

    I love that you could find a poem (and a fib at that!) in Linda’s poem. They’re both wonderful – yet so different. Well done to you both.

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