Poetry Friday: Bicycyles and Libraries


Thank you, Matt at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme, for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

Last week, the final poetry swap envelope arrived in my mailbox.  It was a joyful gift that I have in the library now.

This year, each poetry swap has been extra special and has found connections with my life.  This time, Heidi has paired bicycles and libraries.  As a teen, I often rode my bicycle to the library for books each summer.  I still remember the simple journey to the library on Los Angeles Ave in Simi Valley, CA.  I picked up Agatha Christie, The Bronte sisters, and also FOREVER AMBER which was considered controversial.  What I remember about that book was the fact that it was designed with four columns on a two-page spread.  So Heidi’s swap to me back to that time.

My response:

days, I biked
to the library
finding solace among the stacks
arms, full of books for traveling
without leaving town
pedaled home
and read
© jone rush macculloch



Winner, winner, chicken dinner time!  Pet Crazy Books go to:

Violet Nesoldy
Molly Hogan
Elaine Magliaro

Please contact me with your address.


Cybils-Logo-2017-Web-ButtonThe CYBILS are in serious need of judges and panelists.  Deadline to apply is Monday, September 11.  Please consider applying.  It’s a great time to talk poetry.


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9 Responses to Poetry Friday: Bicycyles and Libraries

  1. I used to ride my bike to the library, backpack full of books to return on the way there, and stuffed with new ones on the way home. A good Saturday started that way.

  2. maryleehahn says:

    Perfectly lovely.

  3. Yes! I still remember the incredible freedom I felt when I learned to ride a bicycle – finally I could go where I wanted, when I wanted to (I grew up in the years before helicopter parents) – nothing quite matches that feeling!

  4. While I never rode my bike to the library, I loved both my library and my bike. Heidi’s poem and your response take me back to those summer days where I traveled on two wheels and between the pages to find adventure.

  5. lindabaie says:

    I remember having to get my mother to check out books because they were not available to me as a child. I lived too far for the bicycle, but I was dropped off to spend hours when we could get there. I love this connection Heidi & then you made, Jone. Happy memories!

  6. Tabatha says:

    Love <3!! I will share them with Elena (who painted the logo).

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