Poetry Friday: A Poem for Peace


Head over to Amy at The Poem Farm for more poetry today.  Thanks, Amy.

September 21 was International Peace Day.  So in honor of yesterday and wow, do we ever need it, a poem for peace.



for peace
while walking
and collecting rocks
for skipping into the ocean
with cormorants watching nearby
their ebony wings flapping,
cheering us

©jone rush macculloch

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10 Responses to Poetry Friday: A Poem for Peace

  1. amyludwigvanderwater says:

    Oh, this image. Those last four lines. Yes. The animals and plants cheer and hope. May we honor them with our actions. Thank you, Jone. Peace. x

  2. The subtle, colored reflections of rocks on the sand is beautiful, and goes with your quietly building wish for peace–Lovely, Jone, thanks!

  3. margaretsmn says:

    A simple form for a simple, yet profound message. Love the imagery.

  4. Such a peaceful ocean image–and love the idea of cormorants cheering and sharing your wish.

  5. Michelle Tribe says:

    Beautiful poetry Jone and I love the peaceful energy of the photo.

  6. I am there….what a gorgeous place to be with others also hoping for peace.

  7. Yes, we are hoping for peace. The images in your poem are so restful.

  8. Tara Smith says:

    A serene hope for peace – just lovely, Jone.

  9. What a gorgeous photo and yet your poem is even more so, with its vivid details.

  10. jama says:

    What lovely, tranquil images, Jone. Cool poem!!

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