SOL17: Fighting Perfectionism


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My grandgirl and I participated in a paint night.  I visited this place in August with friends and had a blast.

When I found out they were offering a Nightmare Before Christmas moon, I knew that grandgirl and I needed to make a night of it.

Painting is both fun and challenging.  It forces me to confront my perfectionist nature. As in writing, I am my worst critic.

One thing I decided over the course of the evening was to leave off the face and add a bunch of branches.  And I figured out that making the wavy branches might be easier if I turned the painting upside down. to paint those lines.

If I could revise the painting, I’d make the branches longer reaching up to the sides of the moon.

But all this seems so trivial compared to the losses yesterday with Las Vegas and the passing of Tom Petty.   If more people took up art in the world, would violence diminish?


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10 Responses to SOL17: Fighting Perfectionism

  1. marilynyung says:

    I think if more people engaged in art and creative activities in general that they might feel less stress or at least feel a truer connection with themselves and the world and people around them. Not that practicing art is all about freeing yourself of stress and burdens. Art can be a very structured and stressful activity, especially if someone is to make a living at it. (Just ask any practicing, full-time artist. And trust me, I’ve been there as a former co-owner of an art studio with a handful of employees to keep employed.) However, most of us stop learning about and practicing art at around the middle grades, so it’s no wonder so many resign themselves to a non-creative life.

  2. That is so cool! I’ve been considering doing a paint night, and I think I’m sold on the idea. How very very fun!

  3. Tara Smith says:

    Your time with your grandgirl is especially needed in times like these, don’t you think? We need to have hope…and love.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your paintings! I could ponder with that question all night. Maybe I’ll write about it 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  5. Aspen Laird says:

    A great reminder for us all.

  6. jennieb says:

    These painting nights are so calming!

  7. What a good take on this particular topic. I think that art may be a way for people to easily express their emotions more, but I’m not sure if violence would diminish. People feel how they feel and art could be one of many ways to express it, but not prevent it. We could only hope that fighting for perfectionism is not what our country could be turning towards.

  8. Your painting is beautiful! It reminds me of Christmas Eve, which may have not have been your goal but brings back memories for me of staring at the full moon on the way to church.

  9. Maureen says:

    If only we could do more art! So healing.

  10. First, I really like your painting. Second, to answer your question, I am not sure. I agree that art might make us more expressive and contemplative in a good way, but I am not sure we can “recruit” people to take part in it. And, what happens if the art expressed has violent connotations? I don’t know; those are my initial thoughts from one perfectionist to another. It would be nice if it were possible.

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