Poetry Friday: Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge


Thanks to Violet at Violet Nesdoly | Poems for hosting Poetry Friday today.


the shadows
walking in silence
following frog’s evening song

©jone rush macculloch


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11 Responses to Poetry Friday: Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge

  1. Lovely Jone, I can hear the frog not too far off, and the photo is stunning, thanks for all!

  2. Lovely image and words, Jone. What a perfect time of day.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    What a spot to help kids learn the value of “walking in silence – following frog’s evening song”! It is so hard to get my grandson to listen as he walks. Maybe if we heard a frog off in the distance we could manage it someday! Poem and picture are a nice partnership!

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Ah, so lovely – the poem, the photograph, the mood it conjures.

  5. maryleehahn says:

    So peaceful!

  6. cvarsalona says:

    Ah, the call of the forest at eveningtide. Jone, start thinking of what you would like to offer to my fall gallery, Autumn Ablaze. This poem is a peaceful one for fall.

  7. You are becoming a real pro with the fibonacci form, Jone. This subject lends itself so well. And I love the sun shining through the branches of your photo – beautiful!

  8. This is such a peaceful image and poem. I’m glad you let us join you on the walk.

  9. Lovely to follow you on your walk.

  10. morencyclr@aol.com says:

    Lovely photo, too!

  11. morencyclr@aol.com says:

    Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing your inspiration 🙂

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