Poetry Friday: Autumn Wind


Poetry Friday is held at  Live Your Poem. Thanks, Irene.

the autumn
wind shifted
bringing down the leaves
pelting rain against the window

©jone rush macculloch

Revised.  I knew this poem wasn’t quite done.

the autumn
wind shifted
bringing down the leaves
pelting rain against the window
urging geese to continue south
inside by the fire
poems read
tea sipped

©jone rush macculloch

You have until Sunday, October 15 to nominate titles for the CYBILS.

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13 Responses to Poetry Friday: Autumn Wind

  1. The added spiraling down movement works well in your poem Jone, thanks!

  2. mbhmaine says:

    Your poem captures so much of what I love about this time of year! Lovely!

  3. Lovely. This reminds me of Kat Apel’s post with the form she’s using, Tetractys. It’s the form I really want to try for next week!

  4. cvarsalona says:

    Rain-poetry-tea: ingredients to mellow out and write. Jone, please send me image poems for my new gallery. I posted the invitation today for PF: http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2017/10/autumn-ablaze-invitation-to-create.html.

  5. Lovely, Jone! Poems read and tea sipped at dawn—a great way to start the day at any time of year!

  6. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    We have had two rainy days, but our leaves are far from their “fall”. Lovely moment you have captured.

  7. lindabaie says:

    My family and I were just talking about how nice having a fireplace is now that “cooler evenings” are here. You’ve shown that scene beautifully, Jone. We had rain pelting before our snow on Monday, a beautiful sound, just as you wrote!

  8. Beautiful and cozy is how I feel about your words! The beauty of fall before the cold of winter.
    I’m afraid we’re missing fall. It’s so hot where I live. But maybe it’s just late and I’ll get to feel crisp air before frigid air.
    Thanks for sharing your poem.

  9. I am ready for that Autumn Wind–may not the gray clouds, but I love listening to the rain pelt against the windows while I’m snug inside.

  10. Irene Latham says:

    Dear Jone, I adore the way this poem looks on the page, all words-pelting-down. Thank you!

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