Poetry Friday: 2018. It’s Around the Corner

poetryfridayFor terrific poetry, go to the Raincity Librarian. Thanks, Jane.

Well, before we blink, 2018 will be knocking at the door.  I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2017 and inviting in 2018.

as we begin 2018
sending joy sparks into the world

©jone rush macculloch

I began participating in a postcard exchange four years ago called Nengajo, a Japanese custom of ushering in the new year.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t an option beginning in 2015.  So last year, amid everything that was happening in our world, I thought it might be fun to organize.

Here’s what I sent out last year:


Here are some I received:


Won’t you join us?  You have a choice of sending five or ten postcards.

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11 Responses to Poetry Friday: 2018. It’s Around the Corner

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  2. Donna Smith says:

    I think I’m ready…I might be moving during that time, but I’ll probably be up for some procrastination. Postcards and poems are a productive way to procrastinate! I’m in. (oh, and it won’t affect the address – we’ll own both for a bit longer!)

  3. A lovely idea. I’m not sure… it was such fun last year, but this year with NaNoWriMo, I don’t know if I have enough left over. I’ll think it over. XOXO

  4. I’m enjoying all the postcards here and your “joy spark”poem invite Jone!

    Would they be five different poems we would send to different poets–as the summer swap was. Or Five of the same poems to different poets? Thanks!

  5. Thank you for organizing this Jone! I saw the results last year and thought it looked like fun!

  6. lindabaie says:

    Thanks, Jone, this is a lot of fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Great idea Jone. I have just sent off my gift for the WInter Poem Swap so am all ready to do another mailing 🙂

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