Poetry Friday: After Thanksgiving


Have you had your fill of Thanksgiving?  Head over to  Carol’s Corner for some great poetry.  Thank you, Carol.  I have for many years engaged in early morning shopping.  This year I hope to get to the wildlife refuge.

After Thanksgiving

early bird shoppers
crowd the malls like lemmings searching
for the best deals before falling
off the buying cliff
I sip tea
©jone rush macculloch





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15 Responses to Poetry Friday: After Thanksgiving

  1. Perfect! Enjoy every moment of that tea. I was with family. We poured over some old photo albums together. It was priceless. Love this poem!

  2. What a fun poem. We do brave the crowds, but wait until we’ve first enjoyed a leisurely morning and breakfast. It’s a good thing the economy doesn’t depend on us since we’re not big spenders, either!

  3. Ah what a fun poem and reaction to this frenzy–bring on the tea and rain, thanks!

  4. I love your anti-lemming spirit! Definitely my attitude to shopping as well.

  5. Yep, sipping tea is the best way to enjoy the day, with a side of leftover pie…like the lemming image quite a bit.

  6. Claire says:

    I hiked on this surprisingly lovely day. So much more fun than shopping! Thank you for sharing your poem. I love your work 🙂

  7. Tara Smith says:

    I am with you, Jone – I’m sipping tea and reading, too!

  8. I prefer poetry to shopping. Any day.

  9. lindabaie says:

    I have the plan for today, stay home and read PF posts! I wish I could say I was watching rain, but not here in Denver. Enjoy your day, and at the Wildlife refuge-sounds lovely.

  10. Irene Latham says:

    Love this! Glad you are watching the rain instead… and you and Diane should get together… your poems today are on the same theme! (btw, tried to visit your student haiku on other blog, but got a “malicious content” warning from my browser. ??)

  11. maryleehahn says:

    I’m with you. My key word these days is ENOUGH rather than MORE.

  12. mbhmaine says:

    Here’s to watching the rain! Cheers!

  13. murphpoet says:

    Love it! I’m not one for fighting my way through the sales, so I’ll sip, too.

  14. dorireads says:

    I’ll take tea and rain any day over shopping. Don’t want to be a lemming!

  15. carwilc says:

    I love this! Definitely my kind of Black Friday! Except I sip coffee (and this year frantically read CYBILS nonfiction books!)

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