Poetry: December Haiku


Welcome to the first Friday of December. Oh, my!  Mary Lee at A Year of Reading is rounding up the poetry this week.

And thanks to Mary Lee, December is a month of writing haiku.  She invited us to join her in this POST last week.  #haikufor healing is perfect again.  On some many levels, it’s needed.

I confess. I have to give credit to my colleague who pointed out these incredible happenings after the rain.  Thanks, Todd.

December 1.jpg


shadow leaf
memory fades
after the rain


Don’t forget!

It’s time to think about sending New Year poetry postcards.  You can choose to send 5 or ten.  They can be all the same (I created a photo postcard with a haiku on it and bought multiple copies) or different, your choice.  See this POST for examples.



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8 Responses to Poetry: December Haiku

  1. Very nice Jone, the image and words work so well together. I like it with the snowflakes coming down too, Thanks!

  2. Lovely pairing of words and image.

  3. maryleehahn says:

    Let’s keep our eye on all the beauty
    before it fades.

  4. Yes, this is lovely, Jone – and I like the dropping of the “the” in the text-only version.
    Cheering on the postcard project from afar; I’m afraid December is too crazy for me to commit! ;0)

  5. jama says:

    Lovely photo and poem, Jone!

  6. Beautiful image and poem! I’m looking for my haiku today to share later.

  7. lindabaie says:

    Wonderful image, Jone. We have so little ‘wet’ that my image would mostly be leaves flurrying! Your picture and poem are terrific. Glad you will be writing “haikuforhealing”

  8. Good for your for capturing that memory in haiga before it faded altogether, Jone! I don’t think I ever responded to your emailed congratulations for my poem in Frogpond, but I did in my blog post today. 🙂

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