SOL17: In Which I Get Caught Off Guard


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I took the class back to their room after their library class. They put away their books and went out to recess. Their teacher said they had a question for me.

“Who and where can I get information about becoming a teacher-librarian?” I stepped back. It wasn’t that we had never talked about them wanting my job. We just hadn’t talked for a while about it. I knew this person had pursued some education in the area of tech. But they hadn’t finished.

I asked about the certification process. They replied that unless they had my position, they wouldn’t pursue it due to the financial commitment. I get that even though thirty plus years ago I had to get my certification to be considered.

“I don’t want to push you out,” said the teacher.  I felt the liquid growing in my eyes.  I would not cry now.

“I’ll give you some websites to explore,” I responded and then returned the library.

Conflicted. Bittersweet. Sad. Self-doubt. All these words tumbled in my mind. The tears abated for the moment.  Part of this is because the big change is coming with graduating (AKA retiring). This has been my longest place of professional residence.

This exchange reminds me what I do want for the next chapter in the library.  I would hope the person coming in would be knowledgeable, would be current on the best practices for the library, would love maker space, tech and the importance of having author visits, and promote the love of reading.

I know I’m retiring but I don’t focus on it.  I’ve shared with students I am because I feel I shouldn’t drop a bomb on them.  I’ve never been a person with a lot of secrets or hiding my feelings.


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4 Responses to SOL17: In Which I Get Caught Off Guard

  1. Good luck Jone. Being honest can sometimes come with a double edged sword, I can relate to your honesty as I share a lot too. I hope they maintain the Library position. Leaving

  2. Ramona says:

    Glad your district is committed to libraries, but I wish they would only consider certified teacher-librarians for the position. These are not easy transitions. Good luck as you move towards “graduation.”

  3. arjeha says:

    I, too, let my students know I was retiring as soon as I handed in my letter of intention. Hopefully your district will keep the library position. Unfortunately, ours did not. When our librarian retired she was not replaced.

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