SOL: December 19 #haikuforhealing


Much thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space to share our weekly slices.  This is such an incredible community.  I feel blessed to be included.

Copy of 2017 NaPoWriMo (1)On Saturday, December 16, I participated in Wreaths Across America at the Willamette National Cemetery.  This is a national event which started fifteen years ago.  Portland has participated for ten years. Last year almost four hundred wreaths were donated.  This year a donation was made of six thousand wreaths.  It was a moving afternoon as wreaths were placed to the sounds of a bagpiper.



winter wreaths
say the names aloud

©jone rush macculloch

Copy of 2017 NaPoWriMo (1)

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  1. maryleehahn says:


  2. Annie says:

    Beautiful moments, Jone. We had a small ceremony here, as well, at our local memorial. It was very moving. I’m very grateful to the Wal-Mart organization for making this happen every yeast. 💖

  3. A somber but joyous occasion all in one. Thanks for sharing your involvement in this tradition.

  4. Thanks for writing about this beautiful tradition.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    What a wonderful tradition to be a part of, Jone.

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