SOL18: Thnking Back on My 2017 OLW: HOPE


Much thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space to share our weekly slices.  This is such an incredible community.

first moonset,
the morning sunrise
hope travels
©jone rush macculloch

Hope was my OLW for 2017.  It was a terrific word for me.  There was so much happening in the world during 2017 that was in need of hope.

I found having the word HOPE helped ground me and focus on:

  • walking
  • making healthy eating choices
  • teaching
  • writing
  • photography

For 2018, I can being called to the follwoing words: SEEK, LEAP, and JOY.  More next Tuesday.



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1 Response to SOL18: Thnking Back on My 2017 OLW: HOPE

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, hope is my 2018 word and I am looking forward to writing a post on it in time for #NYEDChat on Monday night at 8. The convo is titled EduBlogging: Power of One Word to Guide Our Journeys. If you can, join us so you can tell your story of hope and perhaps reveal you 2018 word. Joy was mine this past year and it was a blessing. (PS: I think I must have missed your New Year Poem Swap but if there is still room I would like to join.) Have a great week. Did you see Autumn Ablaze Gallery yet? I have to send out notices. It is at Start taking photos of your winter environment for my next gallery is #WinterWonderland18❄️.

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