SOL18: A Day Late with My OLW

IMG_0785Thanks to Two Writing Teachers who graciously provide space for our slice of life each week.

I’m late. I have been experiencing an upper respiratory infection and last week the post didn’t get done.  This week I promised myself I would have it finished.  Last night as I sat to write, I melted into the chair.  It didn’t get written.

So HERE I talked about my 2017 OLW.  I considered OPEN only to realize it was my 2015 OLW.

In 2018, I will be facing a major change.  I am graduating/retiring.  This means that for the first time since September 1974, I will not have a full-time job.

it’s both terrifying and exciting.  I decided that my word would reflect this change.  I’ve been thinking of these three words:  LEAP, SEEK, and JOY.

It’s been hard to choose one but I have selected SEEK.  I’ve always been a seeker of sorts, thus, this is a terrific word for the changes mid-year.

I also decided on a phrase:  “Leap and seek joy.”

I plan to SEEK

  • time to write
  • time to revise my novel
  • playing with art
  • working at a part-time pace
  •  volunteer opportunities
  • photography opportunities
  • travel opportunities
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2 Responses to SOL18: A Day Late with My OLW

  1. In seeking I wish you joy!

  2. Ramona says:

    Love the list of ways you plan to leap and seek joy! With plans like this in place, you will have a wonderful beginning to this next phase of your life.

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