SOL18: Crochet Meditation


JRM solThank you to Two Writing Teachers for providing space to share our slices every week.

Something I love to do during the winter is to crochet. It’s like meditation.  It requires concentration and willingness to rip out what’s not working. Last winter, I crocheted a hat. It was a slouch hat.  And this fall, I lost it.  I hope someone is enjoying it.

I had the same yarn so I crocheted another hat after I lost the first one.  During the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, I left the new hat at a restaurant.  When I called, they said the hat wasn’t there (granted they were busy).  I started another hat and I had different yarn so by Tuesday, I had a new hat.  And good for me, when I called the restaurant the following day, they indeed had found my hat. Bonus! What’s really fun is how different the same pattern looks with two different yarns.

This weekend, I began a large project, a sweater.  I hope I will do the pattern justice.

crochet hook.jpg

crochet hook
interwoven yarn
her stories
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