February Poetry Challenge: Feb 24 and Feb 25

It’s February and the start of about three months of daily posting opportunities. This month it’s National Haiku Writing Month and Laura Shovan’s Poetry Challenge. Next month it’s the daily Slice of Life and April is National Poetry Month.

Laura’s challenge theme is Ekphrastic At-home. Ekphrastic is a literary comment on a visual or piece of art. The art that participants are responding to is owned b the contributors. Responses will be in haiku for #NaHaiWriMo.

February 24:  “From Harrison Avenue,” Acrylic on Newsprint. By Laura Laughlin

Feb 24

February 25: “Moon Song”, batik, by Lisa Kattenbraker

Copy of Copy of Turquoise Margarita Day Trivia Facebook Post

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  1. Claire says:

    I so enjoy your work, Jone! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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