SOLSC18 1/31: Ten Things Thursday

JRM solThank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every day in March.

Each Thursday, I will make a list of ten things.

  1. How can it be March 1?
  2. This retirement thing is becoming more in focus.
  3. Sometimes it terrifies me.
  4. Sometimes it makes me giddy.
  5. Sometimes I want to cry.
  6. I’ve noticed that I can speak my truth easier.
  7. I’ve noticed that it’s not always with great tact.
  8. I hate when someone posts how many days left of school.
  9. I wonder about many things.
  10. I stay focused and present.
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11 Responses to SOLSC18 1/31: Ten Things Thursday

  1. karpenglish says:

    The list is a great idea. If this is your last year before retirement, I imagine that it feels very bittersweet. Instead of firsts, there is all those lasts to face…last prom court assembly, last spring break, last test… Enjoy the moments!

  2. Shawn says:

    I also love the list idea – straight to the point of what is on your mind. I also felt the same way with number one on your list – How can it March 1st already? Time does fly by when you are a teacher.

  3. Cassie King says:

    I love your list. Simple yet so effective!

  4. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Love this format! I think I will tuck this in my idea bank to use when needed. I am sure thinking about retirement must be bittersweet. Enjoy each moment from now until then.

  5. Lists can really get the creative juices flowing. Great job kicking things off with such a strong start!

  6. I love lists too. Quick reads that bring about lots of thought. Congratulations on your retirement!

  7. rdicarne says:

    I love making lists. I also like the idea of having a specific format for each day of the challenge. It might take off some of the pressure I put on myself.

  8. What a great idea to have a “template” for a specific day of the week. Lists are a great variety to add to narratives–I’m going to keep this in mind when I feel stuck. I like they way I had a brief glimpse into the thoughts passing through your head. The fact that they are short left me curious and I started imagining possible situations they stemmed from (especially #7)!

  9. Love the idea of having a “theme” for each of day of the week during the challenge. Makes it feel more manageable!

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