SOLC18: Ten Things Thursday, Brother Edition

JRM sol

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every day in March.


Today’s my younger brother’s birthday. Here are ten things about him.

He’s wicked smart. In fact, our parents always thought he’d be dangerous if he’d gotten a college degree.

He would carry my violin case to concerts for me when we were young.

He loves Marionberries.

He loves astronomy.

When he was little, he called me “Goose” before he called me my real name.

I once punched my friend’s brother in the face to protect my brother.

He doesn’t like cauliflower. I didn’t know this until 2014.

He loves wearing those FiveFingers Vibram shoes.

He participates in acro-yoga.

I am a lucky big sister.

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  1. Great tribute to your brother for his birthday! Love how you protected him as his big sister. Maybe not best way, but sweet! Haha! Also, sweet of him to carry your violin case! 😀 Love your ten things Thursdays. Think I’m going to try 10 things Friday 😊

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