SOLSC18: It Happens


JRM solThank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing

every day in March.

It’s Monday.  I don’t have anything pithy to write.  It happens at least once during the month of March challenge.

The poem I wanted to post today isn’t coming together.

I barely got my fourth-grade class assignment pulled together by the time they arrived to class.

My fifth-grade class ended up with a wrong paper.  I’m questioning the wisdom of putting certain girls together in a group.

Both classes are starting research in groups.  It always a fabulous time when research is happening,

I really wanted that poem to be done though.  It will need to wait another day.  Tonight I have my writing group.

How is your Monday?

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2 Responses to SOLSC18: It Happens

  1. mbhmaine says:

    This is such an authentic slice. Those days where things just seem out of kilter are challenging–especially when you’re trying to write! Hope Tuesday was better!

  2. VanessaVaile says:

    My Monday? Thank you for asking. OK but it’s too windy here today for breathing ease, so I may not make it out for a walk today. Maybe a short one though. Sometimes grouping (pairing too) can take more wisdom than one has at the time. I’m short on pithy too but still writing to set the table in case some shows up.

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