SOL18: The Alphabet Days

JRM solThanks to Two Writing Teachers who every Tuesday provide space for us to share our reflections and slives of life.

Last Thursday was the start of what I call the “alphabet days.”  It means we have twenty-six school days left in the year.  Twenty-six days until I retire.  Today is “W” day.  I display a book that begins with that letter.  Today it’s WISHTREE by Katherine Applegate.

I want to find ways to make the days slow down.  Between the BOGO book fair happening in the library, state testing, emotional fifth graders who are also facing a transition, field trips, and teaching thrown it, it seems the time is speeding by us.

Yesterday, I felt I was wearing my crankypants when I taught my first fifth grade class of the week.  After school, I reflected on the scene (I actually told the class I was sorry for being so cranky) and realized how we both at in states of transition.  It made me wonder what do I want each day to be like as school comes to a close.

Do I want it peaceful, happy, in the moment?  Filled with love and knowing I have done enough? (I worry about this excessively).  This morning, when the next fifth-grade class came in, I began class by naming the fact that we both are facing transitions and that I want the next few classes to be filled with joy. Guess what, class went far more smoothly.




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4 Responses to SOL18: The Alphabet Days

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, as you count down your Alphabet Days enjoy your time with your students. Your next chapter in life will be filled with joy. You may not think that now but time will show you that this is a good move.

  2. I do an 26 day countdown in K, too, Jone. I love that you call it Alphabet Days. I may borrow that! I can’t begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster you must be on right now. Savor these days and look forward to what lies ahead. Hopefully lots of poetry writing, for our sake! 🙂

  3. Adrienne says:

    Transitions are simultaneously exciting and anxiety-inducing. I hope your frank conversation with them makes for a smooth rest of the year.

  4. Ramona says:

    I’ve never heard of alphabet days. But I have some ideas for this week – The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff, and The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin. Enjoy and savor every precious day!

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