SOL18: Closure

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Thank you Two Writing Teachers for holding space to share our weekly slices.

Our school was out on June 15.  This makes me retired.  However, I’ve been taking the past few days to clean out and pack up.  It reminds me of moving out of a residence.  And it’s the longest residence I’ve had.

I’ve discovered the following things:

  • I’m sentimental.  I have been going through papers and adding to my school scrapbook.  They bring back such memories.
  • I like packing up on my own.  I went to school on Sunday to work without anyone else in the school.  There is something about saying goodbye to this work home.
  • I’m exhausted. I’ve been coming home and napping.  I’ve wanted to do nothing.  Tonight it was a challenge to get this written.
  •  And once, I’m done at school, I will need to reorganize at home.  It’s like dominoes.


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4 Responses to SOL18: Closure

  1. carwilc says:

    I can’t even imagine the packing up for the final time. Like you, I really would prefer to do stuff like this by myself! And like you, I know that packing up at school will lead to more messes at home, at least for a little while. It doesn’t help that organization is not my strong suit! Hoping you will have lots of time for relaxing and enjoying retirement this summer!

  2. Ramona says:

    I loved this peek into your process. It reminded me of the almost 30 boxes I lugged home when I retired. And I even left most of my classroom library behind for the teacher who took over my space.

  3. Claire says:

    What a challenge it all is, cleaning, purging, and saving. I remember being exhausted, and sleeping for the first 2 weeks of retirement. I know you’ll be gentle with yourself as you ease into your new life. Retirement is so very wonderful, I say 🙂

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