SOL18: Best Laid Plans

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For months, I’ve been plotting my away time the week teachers return to work. This week.

I had a five day writing retreat planned at the coast with other writers.

I was on the road before 9 AM on Monday to make the most of it.

Just one teeny tiny thing needed to be dealt with upon arrival, a phone to the public employees retirement benefits about health insurance. I needed a couple of questions answered regarding how to fill out the form.

First, I dialed many times, only to hear a recording that they couldn’t help due to call volume. This raised my stress level. I needed to finish this form.

I ate a little lunch and began rereading a Georgia Heard book. I decided to try again. This time, I was put on hold briefly and a person answered.

I asked my questions. I didn’t like the answer. My forms needed to be in by August 31st or forfeit the insurance plan. I could send it in with missing pieces to hold my place.

The missing piece? Proof I have Part B of Medicare. I sent the forms in but they hadn’t been recieved. It could take sixty days I was told. I could go to the Social Security office and submit forms. You kept a copy I was asked. Well, I wasn’t sure where I stashed them if I made a copy.

Hmmm, school insurance is running out and new insurance needs to be in place by October 1.

I knew the retreat for me was finished. I knew I needed to leave Tuesday morning, go to the district office and then to Social Security.

The best laid plans sometimes don’t turn out well. It was a 24 hour respite surrounded by wonderful writerly friends and a walk on the very foggy beach.

Sometime adulting is a real pain. Missing out on good insurance would be worse. I didn’t really have a choice as we’re heading on a actual beginning of school trip next week.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be at Social Security once more to pick up the proof of my Part A and B. I will make copies and mail the insurance packet. Hopefully, this will be the last piece of the puzzle to start retirement.

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2 Responses to SOL18: Best Laid Plans

  1. jarhartz says:

    Filling out forms and having the time and persistence to understand them takes a lot of energy and background knowledge. I wonder, how do folks who have language issues handle it.

  2. Fran Haley says:

    What a slice of reality! I can remember one of my colleagues trying to update her medical insurance. She had such trouble getting through that on the deadline date, she stayed on her cell phone, on hold, for most of the day while she worked – with tears streaming down her face. This should not be hard! My sympathy to you and here’s to everything settling without further exasperation.

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