Poetry Friday: Summer Poetry Swap

Thanks to Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge for hosting Poetry Friday. I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous.

This is the first of two “on the road” editions.

Linda Mitchell and I got to swap with each other this summer. In a summer where I have read all about the efforts of people in the mostly eastern states to nuture monarchs, I was delighted to get this poem from Linda:

I love the use of the stamps as a diving board for the poem. If I’m lucky I might see a swallowtail in Oregon.

Something Linda likes to do in summer is creating cards. I love the detail and intricacy of them through using paper scraps and illustrations from books headed to the book graveyard.

And inside the yellow card were more poems, this time using Carl Sandburg as a mentor:

These will be used to mentor me.

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12 Responses to Poetry Friday: Summer Poetry Swap

  1. Lovely, to “travel the universe by words” you could go anywhere and discover anything! What fun art and rich poetry from Linda, enjoy all Jone!

  2. cvarsalona says:

    Creativity is abounding here in Linda’s poem swap. She does everything in bright colors and then adds poetry into the mix. Wonderful!

  3. Linda’s poem is lovely, as are the cards. What wonderful words.

  4. haitiruth says:

    Such treasures! I love how the mentoring goes on – the Great Conversation never ends. And the butterfly’s flight plan! Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

  5. Kay Mcgriff says:

    Everything–poems, card collages, postcard–are stunning. I’m so glad you shared them with all of us!

  6. Awwwwwww, I’m so glad you like them. I find so much comfort in being creative in the summer after a long and hectic school year. xoxo

  7. I enjoyed all of the poems, but most especially, Flight Plan. I’m in Illinois, and we’ve seen quite a few Monarchs this year. I adore the beauty and fragility of all butterflies.

  8. Tabatha says:

    I love Linda’s art, as well as her poems!! I either hadn’t realized or had forgotten that she is so visually creative.

  9. Jone, thank you for sharing this beauty from Linda! I love Flight Plan… and oh those summer stars and readers! They shine. xo

  10. Ditto what Linda B. said. This post might be compact, but it’s chock-full of goodness, like a poem! Thanks for sharing, Jone, and wonderful offerings, Linda! :0)

  11. lindabaie says:

    Each part, the postcards, the collages & the poems are delightful, Jone. The Summer Reader is so sweet, the “traveling the universe by words”- terrific!

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