Poetry Friday: Bristlecone Trail

Thank you to Erin at The Water’s Edge for hosting Poetry Friday this week. This is a photo from my husband and my trip to Bryce National Park. We walked the Bristlecone Trail just after sunrise. We had the trail to ourselves.

long shadows
of early morning
distant clouds
ancient trees whispered stories
at the canyon’s edge

©jone rush macculloch

Be sure to join me next week when I host Poetry Friday!

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15 Responses to Poetry Friday: Bristlecone Trail

  1. Kay Mcgriff says:

    Beautiful–both photo and poem.

  2. I am in awe of the crisp, stark photo of a story telling tree. Good photos of such trees are hard to get. Fortunately, your poem brings that tree to life. Lovely.

  3. mandyrobek says:

    What a beautiful image and so different than the midwest. I stopped and thought more about ancient trees whispered stories – I bet trees have lots of stories.

  4. Based on your photo & text, it appears to be a beautiful, intriguing place!

  5. Cloud watching is one of our favorite relaxations here in big sky Florida.
    Where is Bristlecone Trail & wow! how intriguing you make it, in artistic photography & words.

  6. Sally Murphy says:

    What an amazing photo, perfectly complementing the poem.

  7. What a fabulous photograph, Jone! I love those ancient whispering trees—the stories they tell!

  8. I’d love to hear some of those stories from these wise old trees in Bryce canyon–Thanks for your evocative poem Jone, capturing the grandeur due these trees. Thanks also for the link to Bryce Canyon, hope I get there one day.

  9. lindabaie says:

    I love the ‘whispered stories’. We have bristlecones here in the mountains & I have visited them, awesome to think that they are so old! https://www.5280.com/2017/07/colorado-by-nature-bristlecone-pines/

  10. erinmauger says:

    Very scenic part of the country. I like the sense of history. Thanks for sharing your poem and the picture as well. Have fun hosting next week 🙂

  11. jama says:

    Starkly beautiful. Fab photo and poem, Jone!

  12. Jone, your lovely poem recalled my own trip to see bristlecone pines this past summer in California’s Ancient Bristlecone Forest. It was humbling to stand among the oldest living things on earth. Thanks for bringing that memory back. 🙂

  13. Claire says:


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