Poetry Friday: November Goodbye

Thank you to  Carol W. at Carol’s Corner  for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

November’s goodbye
maple offers its branches
to the cloud puzzle

©jone rush macculloch


2019 New Year Poetry Postcard Signup Here.
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How it works:

Sign up to send either 5 or ten or the adventurous, all. I will give you the names and addresses of who to send cards to for the new year. You have through January to send out. They can be photo poetry cards or as simple as buying postcards and write a poem for the new year and send. It’s great fun and beats getting bills in the mail.

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2 Responses to Poetry Friday: November Goodbye

  1. Cloud puzzle! That’s a fun image. Thanks for sharing, Jone, and for arranging the New Year’s exchange. :0)

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