SOL19: Reflecting on 2018 OLW

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2019! I am grateful to the blog, Two Writing Teachers, which hosts The Slice of Life series each Tuesday (yes, I am late. It was New Year’s Day.). This is the week for reflecting on my 2018 OLW.

My 2018 OLW was SEEK. It was a word that connected with me as I closed up a career in teaching. Last January, I wrote:

It’s been hard to choose one but I have selected SEEK.  I’ve always been a seeker of sorts, thus, this is a terrific word for the changes mid-year.

I also decided on a phrase:  “Leap and seek joy.”

I plan to SEEK

  • time to write
  • time to revise my novel
  • playing with art
  • working at a part-time pace
  •  volunteer opportunities
  • photography opportunities
  • travel opportunities

So how did SEEK unfold during 2018? After finishing school and packing up in June, I played most of the summer. To me, retirement didn’t really start until September as it was like every other summer previous: school ended and it was summer break.

SEEK took me to Arizona, Four Corners, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Hubs and I love to travel and find the out of way places. And I was able to travel with my niece as she delivered me to the Highlights Foundation workshop on Children’s Poetry. I loved that we took the time to stop in Scranton, PA and walk around and get this photo:

Subbing: I dabbled in some subbing and stayed connected with school as I settled into retirement.

Photos? Took a lot!

Write? Yes, lots of haiku.

Art? Not as much

Revise my novel: A lot of “in-my-head” processing. A lot of gathering of books that I seriously need to study. And my writing room is in the process of getting organized. (Between what I have accumulated and what I brought home from school, I need a lot of purging).

And SEEK led me to having coffee and a great discussion with a local author, writing teacher, and friend in which I realized that the work of revising my novel includes sitting down and really analyzing the emotional arc of the story. This requires some “butt in seat” work.

The fall was well planned and organized. As January 2019 begins, the canvas is fairly blank. It’s new territory and I am pondering my 2019 OLW which I will reveal next week.

A goal I have is to be here every Tuesday for SOL19. (And not on Wednesday).

for seeking the world
open with joy

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  1. mbhmaine says:

    I’m so glad you reflected on your 2018 OLW. Obviously you chose well!

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