SOL19: Finding Joy in Books

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If you have followed Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram over the last week, there have been a lot of comments made about Marie Kondo’s suggestion that thirty books may be enough for your home.

I even replied with “That’s a hard no.”

I’ve been thinking about this. In the fall, I brought up seven boxes of books up from the garage. Boxes from school. I tasked myself with figuring out how to integrate school life with home life as a retired person.

I knew that some books would have to go. In the library world, it’s called weeding. So as I sorted through the books, I asked myself why I was keeping the book.

I have books from childhood, old paperbacks, books that belonged to my parents. I have poetry books, writing books, and general children’s books.

I made piles: ones to donate to my friend’s Rotary rummage sale, ones for The Little Free Library for school, ones a friend becoming a teacher might want, and then some to just donate.

In a way, I used Kondo’s idea, evaluating why I was keeping the book. I didn’t whittle to 30 but I have limited space for what can be in my library.

I also bought an additional bookcase.

I also choose to use the local public library for most of my fiction reading.

It’s a way for me to stay organized with books. Someone once they worried that my house would be filled with piles of books and no where to walk. They could be right because I love me a pile of books.

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5 Responses to SOL19: Finding Joy in Books

  1. bevbaird says:

    Books are definitely my weakness. I find it very difficult to get rid of any altho I know I need to.
    So agree with your post and so enjoyed it.

  2. mshubb1104 says:

    I really resonate with your post. I pride myself on being a neat and tidy person, but books are also my weakness. I compliment you on your ability to go through your books and really keep those that had meaning for you. However, I also agree that a 30 book limit is nearly impossible for a teacher/writer/reader. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ramona says:

    Love this peek at your bookshelves and the process you’re going through to weed the collection. I just weeded five professional books from my way too large collection. I keep waiting to see if my niece will end up in middle school one of these days because I’d love to pass my favorites on to her.
    Like you, I’m a library user, but then I find one I simply must own. Like the one I just discovered and bought, The Stars Will Still Shine by Cynthia Rylant.

  4. cvarsalona says:

    I love my books, Jone, but like you I am trying to follow the wisdom of tidying up. I am also in the declutter stage of life so I am organizing my books too. Marie Kondo has become quite the trendsetter.

  5. I’m like you. I love Marie Kondo’s philosophy, but I’m not sure how well I could apply it to books. You did great, though. Very inspiring. Maybe that will be a project for when I retire…

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