SOL19: A Letter to Mom

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Saturday, February, 9 was the twentieth anniversary of Mom’s passing.

Dear Mom,

It was twenty years last Saturday since you drew your last breath. Dad got there just in time and the nurse told him to speak to you as the hearing is the last to go. The harpist played beautiful music for your soul to find its way into the universe.

I think of our phone call just the week before. You were tired. I told you to take the path of least resistance. Little did I know that it would be the final time I would speak to you.

I miss you so and yet, I wonder what your quality of life would be at 92. I’m watching as my friends’ parents are in their nineties and have health issues. Some days it’s difficult; one parent didn’t want to live in assisted living and another parent lives with their child and is in hospice. I can just hear your thoughts about that. I know you wouldn’t have wanted to be in hospice at your home. In fact, that’s why you were at the hospice facility when you passed.

Oh Mom, I would love for you to meet your three grand girls. Each one has their own personality and uniqueness.  The oldest at fourteen is serious and driven much like her mother the nurse. And her humor is wicked and dry like yours.

The middle grand girl is an Aquarian like me and has that attitude.  Last summer for example, she gave up her phone because she didn’t like the rules her parents placed on phone usage. I couldn’t help but think of the young me who told Dad to burn the tinker toys.

And the youngest is someone who loves creating. Her handmade gift at Christmas was so thoughtful. She’s kind of a daredevil too.

All three are swimmers and readers. I love that so much. That I can talk to them about books and share my love of reading is the best. You would have liked that about them.

As for me, I retired last June. It’s hard to believe that I don’t have to get up each morning and go to work (although I do sub a couple days a week and I get up early anyway).  Chuck and I take trips and I think of your love of traveling. I hope to get to places you wanted to see like Mount Rushmore. I also want to go to Scotland.

I wonder what you would think of all the DNA testing that is available to us these days. I have had mine done. And I’m involved in genealogy as is your granddaughter, M. You would be so proud of her but that’s another letter.

I wish you were around so we could talk about the death of my former husband. I still feel at a loss that I never was able to talk to him after all these years.  Chuck on the other hand bring you up a lot and we wonder together what you would have to say about the culture of today.

hummingbirds feeding

each day, greetings from beyond

always remembered


Jone or Tootsie

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4 Responses to SOL19: A Letter to Mom

  1. janet wong says:

    I think you gave your mom a story to tell in Heaven . . . all her new friends are saying, “your daughter told her dad to burn the Tinker toys?!!!”

  2. Claire says:

    Your letter is such a lovely tribute, and a reminder that our loved ones will always remain with us. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Angelina says:

    This is such a wonderful tribute to your lovely mother. I love how you tell here about the grand children she didn’t get to meet on this earth, reflecting on how they are like both her and you. It seems healing to write a letter such as this. To tell your parent a few things you’d like them to know. Perhaps she is able to know, somehow, through your voice, about your life and the lives of your children’s children. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jen Driggers says:

    This letter is so beautiful…inspiring me to write something similar to my dad. Next month, it will be 13 years. Writing is such a great way to talk to our loved ones who are no longer here. Thank you for sharing

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