SOL19: Planning for March

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers each week. On Sunday, I sat down to prep for the SOLSC19 challenge. I discovered a couple years ago that if I prepare a template: logo and a shout out to TWO WRITING TEACHERS, that I am more likely to get my writing accomplished.

I realized, HOLY COW, this starts on Friday. Where did February go? At one point I felt that it was slower than January and now it’s the end of the month. It’s my eighth year of participating in the challenge.

So I created a new logo for the SOLSC19 Challenge:

I’ve also been thinking about the things I can write about for the month. a sort of priming the pump. I find keeping a list around is helpful. This is what I’ve written in the past:

Mom Mondays
Poetry forms
Poetry Rocks: Performance Poetry  I miss this guys
My brother (birthday March 15)
How my job is evolving How retirement is evolving
Books I am reading
Responding to quotes
Remembering my dad (birthday March24)
Gardening or how my yard is attacking us Condo Gardening
Downsizing/ Condo living
Hitch hiking off of other posts

Adding to the list:
Wednesday’s Wonderings
Response to Photos
Family Fridays Poetry Fridays
Thinking about National Poetry Month

This year:
Haiku posts
Attending the AWP conference the end of the month ( Association of Writers and Writing Programs)
Saturday Shadormas

First year of retirement and I should have lots of time, right? I have managed to fill the number of days I wish to sub each month. I’ve blocked out the rest.

I decided on a break from the Welcome Wagon this year. I enjoy checking in with the new writers and will still just not as part of the Welcome Wagon.

Are you ready? Hope you will stop by in March.

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10 Responses to SOL19: Planning for March

  1. I just started a list of Slice Ideas this morning! It always feels like I won’t possibly have enough to write about for March, but then I do. I love “hitchhiking” off other posts too! Usually my best ideas are borrowed from others.

  2. Ramona says:

    It’s always fun to hear from others about how they prepare. I’m nervous since grandson #3 is due at the end of the month. If he waits for his due date, then I’ll be fine. If not, it will be a scramble for me. I did grab my notebook and jot down a few ideas the other night, but I haven’t set up my slices. I love your new logo. My favorite writing is to hitchhike off the ideas of other slicers. See you around!

  3. Adrienne says:

    I always think I should generate a list of ideas. Some years I actually manage it. Not this year – I’m pantsing it. See you Friday!

  4. We are birds of a feather, Jone. I have my framework ready and some topics to potentially dip into if necessary. Here we go!

  5. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I, too, have pre-drafted my slices. Like you said, I’m more likely to get it done with this start! I love the idea of “hitchhiking off of other posts!” Intrigued by the Saturday Shadormas!

  6. mbhmaine says:

    I admire your organization! I tend to just leap in and hope for the best. This year I did prepare the 31 blog posts with logo and shout-out, but that’s it. I’m feeling more anxious than usual about it all, even though it’s my 5th year participating. Fingers crossed!

  7. Wow! So organized! I’m inspired by your preparation. In all truth, I’ll probably come back here a few times during the month to help keep me going. Thanks for sharing your ideas. The whole concept of planning for what I might write throughout the month seems to be beyond me!

  8. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, I see that you are more organized than me as we begin March writing. I do agree that March is upon us and the timing has surprised me. I am pleased that I do have a digital for the March #SOLSC19. See you online this coming month.

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