SOLSC19: 26/31: Morning Walk

It’s March and the Slice of Life Challenge. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers.

So yesterday, I wrote about the rain and a towhee at the feeder. The thing about the PNW is the temperamental nature of weather. This morning, after a cup of coffee and watching the last remains of night leave, I put on walking clothes.

I put my earbuds on and cranked up the music. To walk in the morning gives me a focus for the day. When I reach an intersection, I am usually stepping until the light says I can go.

The reading for scholarships has required a lot of sitting. My goal is to his my steps each day, get thirty minutes of activity accomplished, and two hundred fifty steps each hour.

On a morning like today when the sky is blue and the air crisp, it fills my heart with joy.

What are things that fill your heart with joy.

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5 Responses to SOLSC19: 26/31: Morning Walk

  1. We both wrote about walks today, Jone. Yours in the morning, mine in the afternoon. There’s nothing like a good walk to fill your heart with joy and gratitude. — Christie

  2. Alice Nine says:

    It might sound strange but the simple fading of darkness as the sun rises always fills me with joy. I love the newness of the morning.

  3. honderick says:

    I love my job but having the luxury to exercise in the morning is one that you shouldn’t take for granted. Enjoy it.

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