SOLSC 29/31: Poetry Friday

It’s March and the Slice of Life Challenge. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers.

I’m doing double duty today. Carol at Carol’s Corner has all the poetry goodness today.

Wednesday, I hadn’t a clue about National Poetry Month. Then I read Mary Lees’s post and asked to join her.

We’ll be “Playing with Poetry” using the following plus paint chips (the book represents the paint chips which are arriving tomorrow)and magnetic poetry.

Also, I spaced out that I signed up for a prompt a day at Two Sylvias Press.

So I am set. And now I’m off to another day at AWP19.

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5 Responses to SOLSC 29/31: Poetry Friday

  1. I’m joining your team. Can’t resist the fun! I’m going to add crazy nail polish color names to the mix as well. They always make me laugh! See you Monday! — Christie

  2. margaretsmn says:

    I’m excited about our poetry month adventures!

  3. Going to be a busy month for you! I am working on some things for the “Poetry Tasting” our 3rd grade is having our first day back from Spring Break. I’m writing a few bio poems of popular 3rd grade book characters as mentor texts. I’m updating a lesson on Acrostic Poetry for later in the month. I’m printing a collection of short poems to cut apart for students to glue into their writing journals for response writing. And most important, I will shop for my contribution to the snacks- m&ms and mini water bottles.

  4. Poetry is a wonderful genre – perhaps my favorite – but SOL is all I can do in March! It’s good to know people take on even more than I do!

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