SOLSC19 31/31: I Made It! Is It Spring Break?

It’s March and the Slice of Life Challenge. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers.

Wow, here it is. The finish line. I made it. I’m happy. And I manage to write everyday and read one hundred fifteen scholarship applications.

On Friday, my former colleagues finished their last day before spring break. It hit me yesterday that I am not on spring break because I am retired. It’s these subtle things that sort of sneak up on me.

I am treating it like spring break.

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with four friends from college. Depending on the rain factor we may venture to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. The daffodils should be out and about 20% of the tulips.

Tuesday, hubs and I will spend a day at the coast. We haven’t been since November.

Wednesday I will settle in and work on taxes (I don’t have an excuse of school this year to extend).

Hubs and I are taking a bread baking class on Thursday.

We’ll end the week going to see Michael Buble.

So what are your spring break plans? And congrats on completing the SOLSC challenge.

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2 Responses to SOLSC19 31/31: I Made It! Is It Spring Break?

  1. carwilc says:

    So I’m wondering how I went the whole month without reading your slices. Next year, my goal, if I do slicing, is to be more intentional about creating my community of people I am going to read every day. I didn’t enjoy this year nearly as much, and I think it’s because I really didn’t feel like I was part of a community. It sounds like you have a super fun week planned! We had spring break last week. Somehow, I celebrated by having stomach flu for 72 hours. AARGH!

  2. karpenglish says:

    Your mock spring break sounds lovely! My dad has been retired for several years, and still splits his time between “weekend” activities and “work week” activities. I think many, many teachers still keep “education time” in their heads long after they leave the classroom! Enjoy the rainy spring break coast. I am going to Newport for Outdoor School with my middle schoolers tomorrow, so we are all getting a bit of extra spring break. 😀

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