NaWriPoMo 19: Playing with Poetry 2/30

Mary Lee found these on Amazon. It sure was easier to buy the set for this month. Can’t wit to use with students.

I pulled twelve paint chips and a prompt:

I attempted including as much and as many of the names in the following poem:


We walked the dirt road
Leading into the mountain town
In the distance
the dust devil
whirled as a desert dervish

We stood at the edge
of the quarry
inhaled antique lace and cotton
In the distance
fog tendrils grasped the harbor

We found the shop,
The Acorn Cave, the one
you suggested in a letter
We asked to have the tea leaves
read by the plum octopus

jone rush macculloch (draft) 2019

It’s rather fun to play and be silly in a non sequitur way.

Join us and use #playwithpoetryNPM

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3 Responses to NaWriPoMo 19: Playing with Poetry 2/30

  1. Fun and capturing poem Jone. My favorite lines here “have the tea leaves read by the plum octopus.”

  2. Gail Aldous says:

    Great job! I especially like “inhaled antique lace and cotton,” “fog tendrils grasped the harbor,” “The Acorn Cave,” and “tea leaves read by the plum octopus!”

  3. maryleehahn says:

    Fun! I am playing Paint Chip Poetry today, but I only picked three! We’ll see what I come up with.

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