NaWriPoMo19: Playing With Poetry 8/30: He said, She Said

April is Nationa/ Global Poetry Month.  I’ve been “Playing With Poetry” this month along side Mary Lee Hahn, Margaret Simon, and Christie Wyman.

I have fun tools to use: Haikubes, Metaphor Dice, Paint Chip Poetry, and Magnetic Poetry. Plus I signed up for the daily prompts at Two Sylvias Press. My poems are in draft form and sometimes I combine prompts and tools.  It IS playing with poetry after all.

Feel free to join us.  What kind of poetic trouble can you get into by playing along? We’re at #playwithpoetryNPM on Twitter and Instagram.

I’m “smushing”, to use a phrase in the Two Sylvias Press group, a prompt and a tool. It was to write a “he said, she said” poem. I knew immediately that I would play with the haikubes

Campfire Strangers

Around the campfire, two strangers

speak in haiku:

He said,

“Sister eyes

a glorious dilemma

oozing there”

She said,

“Brother calls

a love ravenous

leaves water”

He said,

“Sister sees

a curvy tangle

not the fire”

She said,

“Brother leaves

the flock sleeping

under moonlight”

Two strangers eat s’mores

between haikus

©jone rush macculloch (draft, 2019)

For some reason, WordPress on my IPad is playing editor for line breaks.

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2 Responses to NaWriPoMo19: Playing With Poetry 8/30: He said, She Said

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I like your clever use of he said/ she said in haiku. I’ve become frustrated with the haikubes. They don’t work very well for our class activities and all the kids want to do is roll them over and over.

  2. Oh my. Eating s’mores between haiku. Nothing better!

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