Poetry Friday: An Acrostic Challenge

Head on over to Laura Purdie Salas at her blog, Writing The World for Kids for all the poetry goodness today. Thanks, Laura.

At Today’s Little Ditty, Michelle has the Spotlight on Jane Whittingha, who‘s challenging readers and poets to an Acrostic poem this month. I’ve posted on on Michelle’s Padlet and decided to do this version of my name ( my middle and firs part of my last).

I think that Acrostics are deceiving. They look simple to write but not so much when you sit down to write one.

Reading is one of my happy places
Usually on the deck in summer, by the fire in winter
Sometimes I dance in the rain
Having my camera with me is essential

Mornings brings a new day
And new possibilities
Creator of art and poetry

© jone rush macculloch (2019, draft)

Enjoy this weekend. Next week is the day before International Peace Day, September 21. I hope to have a poem of peace to honor that day.

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5 Responses to Poetry Friday: An Acrostic Challenge

  1. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    I agree that acrostics are not as simple as they look, Jone—at least not ones that have a bit more depth to them. Yours says much about your passions, your joys, and your attitude. It’s lovely!

  2. Michelle Kogan says:

    I liked hearing about your “dancing in the rain,” what fun! And I agree they can be a challenge to write.

  3. Laura Purdie Salas says:

    I love how much this tells me about you, Jone–lovely!

  4. Linda Mitchell says:

    Oh, I love it! And…it’s so YOU! I can imagine you reading and dancing in the rain and always with a camera somewhere. Well done.

  5. lindabaie says:

    It was fun to write this for Jane’s challenge, Jone. I enjoyed that you included such a variety of “you”!

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